The web-radio "Radio without barriers" began in 2012, although the very first experiences of live broadcasts began in 2011, when webradio was called "Radio no barriers no borders" and aired on another broadcaster different from youtube. But discovering the potential of youtube we immediately decided to take advantage of live of the most famous video sharing site in the world. Who better than YouTube could help us spread the ideas, projects and commitment of the Uniamoci Onlus association?

From 10-15 episodes of the first years, we have moved on to more than 50 episodes last year; numbers that are destined to increase, because we have another novelty: for each episode of "Radio without barriers" is made the version in "easy language", for people who have difficulty understanding, attention and reading.

Behind our radio there is so much. For example the passion I have for the world of communication, the constancy in finding me from 7 years every Saturday at 17.00 in front of the computer to make an episode. There is also a lot of work, that of selecting, choosing and searching for the most important news of the week to be repeated live. And the desire: to discover new technologies and exploit them to the best, to improve (during the first episodes I was very embarrassed and insecure), to fight my shyness and my insecurity.

So far I have only talked about the aspect of volunteering. But the working aspect should not be forgotten. In fact, following my years of experience with the web-radio I have been entrusted by the Uniamoci Onlus association various job assignments in which it was requested the figure of radio speaker. Among these tasks, what was the most intense, tiring, but at the same time more satisfying, was the conduct, in 2015, of the web radio called "The young citizens on air". It was about going to some high schools in Palermo and encouraging the boys to come to our office to talk about any topic they wanted on the radio. Having young boys in the studio and with different cultures, religions and customs, it was formative and interesting.

From 2015 I met Maria Giulia, my collague, who collaborates fully, as a real speaker, to the realization of Saturday's episodes of "Radio without barriers".

The novelty of 2017 is called "Quizziamoci", an idea by Vincenzo, which was a section dedicated to the world of curiosities. An idea that has been refined and changed into a real quiz, complete with a regulation and a final prize, a free ticket for the cinema. This novelty also had a great success. In addition to increasing the views, live viewers who participate with us have increased, commenting on the topics of the episode, and wait with trepidation the question of the week proposed by our Vincenzo, and then immediately give the answers on the page "Radio without barriers" of Facebook.

"Radio without barriers" is a challenge, a goal, a passion, a joy, a way to deal with people, with other points of view, other ways of thinking, other cultures. It's integration, dialogue, growth, meticulousness and attention to detail!

So now i tell you the numbers of our job, the numbers we obtained:

More than 9000 views on youtube, on the dedicated channel "Radio without barriers", more than 250 episodes, more than 200 guests from our Palermo, Italy and from all over Europe; connection and direct "from the field" (unforgettable the direct from the Pride or from the vegetable garden), connection and episodes also from Germany!

The number of YouTube views must then be added to the thousands of views deriving from the website www.uniamocionlus.org, on the web radio page, and the views of our social website http://www.social-uniamocionlus.org/. Without forgetting the numerous shares of the episodes on social networks like facebook and twitter.

Seguici ogni sabato alle 17 sul nostro CANALE YOUTUBE nostra pagina di youtube e rispondi alla domanda sulla pagina facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RadioSenzaBarriere/